Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Blogging is a lot harder than it looks

I have been reading baseball and political blogs for a while and gosh, it looks so easy. Just get on and write your thoughts on the issues of the day, and repeat tomorrow. It isn't. Some of us just aren't capable of writing interesting material everyday, or even 2 or 3 times a week. Maybe a weekly or biweekly column would fit better. And then there are those of us who aren't really fit for writing at all :)

I mean, I could write something everyday, but it would be crap. It just makes you appreciate bloggers like Aaron Gleeman who consistently puts out interesting stuff. It doesn't matter whether he's talking about the Twins or poker or Jessica Alba, he can make it interesting or at least tolerable. And for someone who writes just about every weekday, I'm impressed.

Before anyone gets the idea that I am turning this into the "Gleeman appreciation blog", let me point out that my Indians beat the Twins last night. Maybe tomorrow I will post some thoughts about tonight's game.

I can't pass up the chance to comment about the Kentucky Derby and make seat of my pants analysis of horses that I have seen on TV maybe once and have read a couple articles in USA Today about. I will root for my man George Steinbrenner and Bellamy Road, but the last horse I was really pulling for was Ohio-bred favorite Harlan's Holiday, and we all know how well that turned out. So I will tell you that I like High Limit to win the race...and admit that it's probably because I saw him win a race on TV a month ago.

If my ego is getting out of control stop me, but I think that my horse racing analysis is far better "journalism" then the sick spectacle of Pedro Gomez stalking Barry Bonds for ESPN. What a jackass. Well, I should probably blame the jackass who I hired him, but then again, his boss didn't force him to go on tonight and act like a smug jerk when discussing the latest Bonds setback. Snarkly observing that Bonds sometimes leaves the games (gasp) before they even start. And that when Moises Alou was on the DL, he was constantly with the team and Bonds is not(This was really egregious. As Dan Patrick half-jokingly pointed out, Alou is the manager's son. But of course Alou was out for, what, 2 or 3 weeks, and Bonds knew he was going to be out for at least 2 months and now longer. I'm sure the old men on the Giants have had their morales crushed by not having Barry around. Of course, when Barry is around all we ever here about is what a jackass he is and how his teammates all hate him, so wouldn't it be a good thing he's not around?)

In the meanwhile, Bud Selig is attempting to increase the steroid penalties because some morons in Congress like John McCain and Henry Waxman want to extend their tentacles of regulation to pro sports. I think people all across the political spectrum can unite on this. Doesn't Congress have something better to do with their time?