Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sports Data Research

I will be writing occasional columns this summer for the Sports Data Research blog. Sports Data Research was co-founded by Shane Holmes, one of the regulars at the old FanHome Sabermetrics board. They specialize in college football, college basketball, and soccer data, but the blog will cover a variety of sports topics. Currently posted are my piece on OPS and a column by Nicholas Patrick on alternative formats for basketball games, so the scope should be fairly wide and of interest to readers of this blog.

Walk Like a Sabermetrician is not going anywhere, although the posting frequency may be a bit reduced (in fact, the posting frequency has been reduced recently anyway, for reasons having nothing to do with the SDR columns). This will still be the outlet for all of my technical posts, my meanderings, and, of course, Great Moments in Yahoo! Box Scores.