Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why I Don't Visit BTF Much Anymore

The Cory Lidle accident/tragedy/developing story is a poor time to air my grievances with Baseball Think Factory (actually, not Jim Furtado and the fine people who run the site but many of the people who post there). Of course, that never stopped anyone posting on BTF either:

But of course it's not that simple. I make fun of players who scabbed in '95, but most of them were too naive to have really thought about the implications of what they were doing. It's certainly possible that Lidle, and Rick Reed, and Kevin Millar and all the rest are perfectly fine people from a moral standpoint, just a little dim. So there's a difference between being a scab because you don't understand about unions and dignity and human rights and all, just because you want money now instead of later, or you're afraid to pass up an "opportunity," and being a scab after having considered and understood the implications. It's the same difference between killing someone who attacks you and killing someone who's at home in bed at the time.

So maybe Lidle was a jerk who spit in the face of dozens of millions of hard-working American families, or maybe he was a naive, silly kid. I have no idea which, so I certainly feel no concrete emotion but sadness about his untimely death. But I'd be lying to say that I feel as bad about it as I would if it was someone who I knew was a truly good person. People have differing value to history, which is a taboo thing to say, but absolutely true, and something that has to be faced.

This is a very sick man. And the degeneration into politics (of a leftist bent, mostly, since that's the view of most of the posters) on every thread, along with the general jackassery, makes it pretty much intolerable.

Now you might say I'm a hypocrite, that I'm taking advantage of Lidle to complain about BTF. And I suppose you may be right. But I've never seen a better, more timely illustration of why I hate reading that site.


  1. I'm sorry but professional baseball players have families to feed. I'm sorry that this poster realizes that and you do not.

    Cordially yours,

  2. Right, so Cory Lidle or Rick Reed and other "replacement players" should forego feeding his family so that Tom Glavine and David Cone can have a strike, and if he doesn't do so then he might just be dumb, or he doesn't understand "dignity" and "human rights". Makes perfect sense to me.

  3. I still read it, but not with the joy and interest I used to. Too many posters equate 'snarky' and 'condescending' with 'funny' and 'cutting edge'...but there are still a lot of interesting opinions and genuinely funny comments.

    It's interesting that, in my opinion, the quality of the site actually declined after the switch to only registered posters. That could be an illusion, but the perception remains; the 'wackiness' diminished while the soapbox and snide remarks grew to fill the vacuum.

    'Tis a pity.

    Belfry Bob


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