Friday, April 06, 2007

OSU BB: It's Cold Here

The Buckeyes are in Illinois this weekend for their first road B10 series after taking 3 of 4 from Iowa last weekend. The series was an offense fest, with the Bucks winning by scores of 12-7, 6-2 (in 7), and 16-7, while losing 8-0 in 7. That puts the Bucks in a tie for second place, with only the forces of evil sweeping their series over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the midweek game on Wednesday had to be cancelled because of snow, rain, high wind, temperatures in the thirties, and other things that make beisbol miserable. The weather doesn't look too much better in Illinois, but hopefully they'll get the games in.

OSU has had some pitching problems; ace Dan DeLucia is still out with a tender elbow, and #2 reliever Rory Meister was out last weekend. DeLucia will not return this week, but I am not certain of Meister's status. The bullpen was not in the best shape before the problems, but that was exaserbated by the lack of availability of those two. Cory Luebke slides up to Friday starter, with Josh Barerra staying on Saturday duty and JB Shuck on Sunday. However, Theron Minium is forced into the second Saturday start, and that forces Eric Best and Josh Edgin to shoulder more of the relief load then Coach Todd would be comfortable with.

Even with these problems, though, the Buckeyes have the ability to win the B10, and the bats have really come alive, even hitting four homers over the weekend (albeit three on Sunday, surely at least a little wind-aided).

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