Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Boring No More

I have written here before (a couple times I think) that the Rockies are the most boring team in baseball. They are never in the playoffs, rarely in contention, but they also are rarely awful, they don't have a nutso manager like Ozzie Guillen, and so they are just boring. That's not a value judgment, just an excitement judgment.

Uh, I think I need to find a new poster child team for mediocre monotony now. The Orioles would work, but Angelos is too interesting. The Blue Jays might fit the bill, but they've been a little too good I think.


  1. I compared your park factors to James' approach from Win Shares, and they're virtually even (all within two points), except for two parks: GAB, which has been a more extreme hitter's park the past three years than in its first year (James' park factor is 1.06) and Arlington (or whatever it's called in Texas), which was average this year (James' factor is 1.02).

  2. Well, that's good to know. Bill weights by year, and of course I don't. My approach probably misses some real changes, but his probably overreacts to random fluctuations.


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