Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sabermetrics Wiki

Tango Tiger has set up a sabermetrics wiki here. Hopefully, this will become a one-stop sabermetric encyclopedia and research diffusion center. For more information, see this thread, and then come over and contribute.


  1. Patriot,

    Good idea on the standards. The one good thing about controlling the wiki is that I have database access. So, I could do a sitewide update, and change things like "On Base Average" to "On Base Percentage", etc.

    Feel free to document synonyms, maybe even create a page to that effect. And, once we're more stable, I can do mass search/replace.

  2. The open question, though, is if some standard is set, what should they be?

    I've always used "OBA", but "OBP" is much more commonly used and is the official name of the stat, so I think it's pretty clear that OBP would be better.

    On the other hand, "Slugging Percentage" has always bothered me since it's not a percentage at all. But % is commonly used, so what do I know?

    Kind of related, when I was making the BsR page, I wrote about "intrinsic weights", which is what I call the linear weights generated for a specific team or league. But that's a term I came up with, and as far as I know nobody else uses, so I was hesitant to use it. But I couldn't come up with a good alternative. Maybe other contributors can think of something.

  3. I'd be ok with using whatever personal terms you use. If it bothers someone, they'll make a wiki update themselves. If we end up with a tug of war on the issue, we can have a sitdown for it.

    Yes, slugging percentage is ridiculous. Obviously, whoever created it never went to school. It should be a slugging average.


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