Monday, September 21, 2009

I'll Probably Regret This, But What the Heck?

I have always vowed never to be the old fogey who doesn't know anything about new technology, and yells "get off my lawn", and talks about how he walked eight miles to school uphill...well, you get the idea, and I'm sure you've vowed the same thing. It's an easy thing to say when you're young or middle aged, and probably a lot harder to actually do when you're older.

In any event, I'm really not old enough to worry about it yet, but just in case, I decided to start a Twitter. It's not going to be very interesting, and so far I've just been using it to snark, which is not the nicest side of me or anyone else. But it's nice to have an outlet for quick thoughts and non-baseball things (although a lot of my comments--I will not give and in and call them tweets--will be about baseball). Any real sabermetric content will continue to be posted here, so even if for some reason you find this worth reading, you won't be missing anything by not reading the twitter feed.

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