Thursday, May 20, 2010

The All-LOST Surname All-Stars

C: Earl Smith (Libby)
1B: Jamie Burke (Juliet)
2B: Tony Fernandez (Nikki)
3B: Jimmy Austin (Kate, cheating as her name is Austen)
SS: Jose Reyes (Hurley)
OF: Rickey Henderson (Rose)
OF: Andre Dawson (Michael)
OF: Buddy Lewis (Charlotte)

P: Whitey Ford (Sawyer)
P: Spud Chandler (Cindy)
P: Graeme Lloyd (Walt)
P: Buddy Carlyle (Boone)
P: David Cortes (Ana-Lucia)
P: Tom Hume (Desmond)
P: Wes Littleton (Claire)
P: Johnny Rutherford (Shannon)
P: Keith Shepherd (Jack, cheating as his name is Shephard)

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