Monday, February 17, 2020

All I Have to Say About the Astros

I have always been completely unable to relate to people are so weak-minded that they demand that history literally be rewritten to fit their own value judgments. If you want to judge/discount the accomplishments of the Astros, you have complete freedom of conscience to do so. Why do you need some authority figure to tell you how to think?

Of course, most of the people who demand asterisks and vacated games and forfeits and all of the other Stalinist trappings of the NCAA, IOC, and other contemptible organizations are already quite busy making their own value judgments about every damn thing in the entire world, thank you very much. If they just wanted some authority to tell them what to think, they would be sad, pathetic little creatures, worthy of the pity of free-thinking individuals and nothing more. But that's not what they want - they want some authority to tell me what to think. They seek to shift the burden of proof, as it were, from those who would deny the objective facts of reality to those who would uphold them.

I didn't call it "Stalinist" lightly - in a different cultural environment, the illiberal nature of the entire endeavor would be breathtaking in its audacity and its chutzpah. Instead, it is just another day in a world of creeping totalitarianism where the acceptable avenues of thought are controlled by the armed guards of some authority or the other. Historians of the future will learn much more about the America of 2020 from the response to the Astros scandal than they could ever hope to glean from the fact that it happened.

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