Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Step 1: Advocate tirelessly for baseball to be shutdown, along with anything else that your political masters deem “non-essential” (all while being completely oblivious to how totalitarian this all is, as you not only no longer claim to be guided by liberal values, ideals, or principles, you and the political movement you follow have completely lost the ability to even think in terms of liberal values, ideals, or principles).

Step 2: Baseball (and other “non-essential” means of voluntary economic cooperation between individuals that provide the livelihoods for the people who buy your subscriptions and advertise on your website) gets shutdown.

Step 3: Shockingly, your revenues from subscriptions and advertisements declines.

Step 4: Ask me for money so that you can cover the activity that you tirelessly advocated to be shutdown.

Hard pass. I’d wish you good luck, but I wouldn’t mean it.

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