Monday, January 22, 2007

Career WAT Data, 1946-1960

Actual W-L along with Oliver and Deane WAT:

I bet if you polled knowledgeable baseball fans they wouldn’t guess that Bob Lemon’s
teammates had a higher W% then Whitey Ford’s. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed it. Ned Garver is included here not because he was a great pitcher, but because his teammates were so awful that it is worth quantifying.

NW-NL with Wood/Patriot WAT and WCR:

We lose a second 300 game winner, as Gus Wynn drops eleven neutral wins to 289. Robin Roberts inches six games closer to the magic threshold, but is still eight short. Dizzy Trout gets the dishonor of being the first pitcher with a sub-.500 NW% that I figured. You may wonder why I included him despite an unimpressive raw record of 170-161. Well, he ranks fairly well in runs allowed based methodology. As of Total Baseball VI, circa 1998, he had an ERA+ of 124, tied for fortieth all-time, and a TPI of 34.5, good for twenty-sixth place. Again, don’t let these (NW%, WAT, etc.) figures influence your opinions of pitchers’ historical standing too much. I myself would put a lot more weight on the run-based methods then on comparisons of win-loss record.

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