Saturday, January 27, 2007

Delusional AP Writer of the Day

From the AP's Alan Robinson:

Utley's $85 million, seven-year contract was settled just before the Pirates started talking to Sanchez about a two-year contract. While Utley hits for more power -- he had 32 homers to Sanchez's six -- Sanchez is a better all-around hitter and his 85 RBIs last season compare favorably to Utley's 102.

I'm not exactly sure how 85 RBIs are supposed to compare "favorably" to 102. Context could possibly make that the case; but Mr. Robinson does not deign to tell us how.

As for Sanchez being a better all-around hitter:
Sanchez: 613 PA, 344/377/473, 94 RC, 6.2 RG, .182 SEC
Utley: 721 PA, 305/364/521, 119 RC, 6.6 RG, .310 SEC

Uh-huh. And of course, career-wise:
Sanchez: 313/352/428
Utley: 290/362/509

Do they have editors at the AP?

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