Monday, January 22, 2007

You Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee

The current incarnation of the Strategy and Sabermetrics forum frequented by myself and others has been shut down. While the prescence of other sites like Inside the Book and BTF had made the forum less busy then it had been in the past, it would be good if the posters from that community had a place to go.

There are several choices; there is the new Scout board run by the same people as the current board; there is the Baseball-Fever forum; and there is a new, independent Of these, I prefer the latter--the Scout people have yanked the boards around a few times already and don't seem particularly concerned about archiving posts and other important features. The Baseball-Fever board has some good posters, but the ratio of good posts to inane posts is too low for my liking. Serious discussions would be cluttered with people who know little about sabermetrics. I'm not trying to put down those who are eager to learn, and it's good that there's a forum that largely caters to them, but it's not my cup of tea.

The new FanHome, which I have linked on the side of the page (or click here), seems to be the best option, as it is relatively unpopulated at this time, and it looks like the old board, if that carries any sentimental value for you :).

Anyway, I'm not affiliated with any of them, and I'm not trying to tell people where they should post or if they should post or anything of the sort. Do what you will.


  1. I wasn't aware of the new fanhome site. Thanks, p.

  2. The new fanhome site is blocked at my office. The old fanhome, and my site, along with most other sites, are not treated as "forums". The new fanhome is.

    Maybe I should look into hosting my own discussion board on my site. Wasn't really looking for the extra admin work, but maybe I should.

  3. How perilous the foundation of discourse in baseball analysis is. One misguided filter and one of the key voices vanishes (at least from 9-5).

    Seriously, though, there hadn't been much traffic on the Sabermetric board recently anyway. Many of the regulars have their own sites where they publish their work and musings; Tango with Inside the Book, David G. and Studes with Hardball Times, me here. Back in the day, a lot of that stuff would have ended up on the board. So it's certainly not as essential as it used to be. OTOH, we need an outlet for David Smyth. Maybe he should start a blog :)

  4. Patriot, I agree about the new Fanhome. It's too bad that Scout has decided to pay no attention to the users of its forums, but if that's the case, I see no reason to move to their new board. Tango has done a great service by archiving the posts from the old board, and I plan on putting them up on my site as soon as I get some time.

    Many of the Fanhome crew might have their own websites, but that still limits the amount of discussion. What was great about the Sabermetrics board was that people could post about any topic, no matter how big or small, and generate good discussion.

    I don't want to see that change. See you on the new Fanhome board.

  5. Patriot has also archived thread from the old Baseball-Boards (started by Kevin, which then became Fanhome), and I archived alot of the Fanhome threads, along with the Scout threads.

    When I get a chance, I'll create one folder with all these files, and then someone can be in charge of organizing them, along the lines of this:
    or this:


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