Friday, September 18, 2009

Larry Corcoran's New Tombstone

There is a nice story from the New Jersey Star-Ledger about some firefighters who have raised money to erect a headstone for Larry Corcoran. Corcoran, for those of you who don't know much about nineteenth century and haven't read any of my 1876-1881 NL series, was an outstanding pitcher for the Chicago White Stockings (today's Cubs). He was the first pitcher to toss three no-hitters, the ace of Chicago's 1880-82 pennant winning teams, and IMO the most valuable pitcher in the NL in 1880.

This is certainly a nice gesture, and it's always nice to see overlooked nineteenth century ballplayers get their due. However, they may have wanted to run the design by someone before going ahead with it...

h/t: SavoyBG at Baseball Fever

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  1. Hi, I found out about this quite recently. A long lost & distant relative told me of this. Larry Corcoran was my Great Great Great Grandfather, My Great Grandmother (his daughter) was Sarah "Sally" Corcran Salsbury. I had been trying to update my family tree on when only last year I found two living & distant cousins. The one who told me of this found the news article.
    We did not know much about Larry except that I still hold his baseball card picture in the form of a post card. My mother and Grand Mother had told me stories of Larry ever since I was a little girl. I have passed this story on to my family and we are all very pleased that he was honored in this manner. Many relatives did not know where he was buried. I am still working on finding out as much as I can about the Corcoran family but research is a time honored process.
    Thank you for your work; it brings many valuable facts to life.
    Debbie Seitz
    Kissimmee, Fl


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